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Women's History Month Spotlight: Dr. Nwando Okafor

I call her Doctor O., a metronome that represents simplistic majesty. 

She's an enterprising young woman who has known since childhood that she would become a doctor. She moved to the US from Nigeria as a teen and she has since worked diligently to make her dreams come true. By the grace of God, Doctor O. has built a successful career as an Emergency Medicine Physician here in the states.  

All before the age of 35, she has formed a world health organization with her sister, who is also a physician, that travels abroad to administer free healthcare in Africa. Moreover, she and her sister are scheduled to open the first minority owned freestanding Emergency Room in New Braunfels, Texas (Riverside ER) this spring. Doctor O. is also working to establish The Soeur Foundation, a non-profit that aims to enrich young women by offering workshops and mentorship programs. She is also accepting booking requests for speaking opportunities. Please send all inquiries to

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