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Meet The Founder

Jennifer N. Simpson is the visionary behind Art2Lectual Creative Consulting, where she seamlessly combines her roles as a marketing consultant and director. With a diverse skill set that includes graphic design, data analytics, web development, copywriting, and digital marketing, Jennifer possesses the exceptional ability to manage the marketing departments of small businesses. 

What sets Jennifer apart is her unique strategic approach. She immerses herself in her clients' core messages and values, working closely with business owners to authentically convey their brand's essence. Each project begins with a robust strategy, ensuring that every marketing effort resonates with the client's mission and vision.


Clients value Jennifer's accessibility and unwavering commitment, which provide them with personalized support to realize their vision. This constant communication ensures their ideas are seamlessly integrated into the marketing strategy.

Beyond her marketing expertise, Jennifer excels in program development for nonprofit organizations. She crafts comprehensive organizational structures centered on purpose, goals, and mission, driving success through impactful, mission-driven initiatives. Her dedication to integrity and social responsibility ensures her clients' actions consistently align with their values.

Jennifer's impressive portfolio includes managing accounts for high-profile clients such as Super Bowl Champion Antonio Smith, the youngest NFL draft pick Amobi Okoye, actors Denisha Hardeman and Jerod and Jamal Mixon, Detective Rod Demery, R&B Hall of Famers, H-Town, Earl Detrick, Itz Karma and more. She has also served as the stage and production manager for the Houston Black Heritage Festival, overseeing a concert featuring award-winning singer Monica.


With Art2Lectual Creative Consulting, Jennifer offers a holistic approach to marketing and program development, making her an influential figure in both the business and nonprofit sectors.

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